It may seem obvious, but the way your vehicle stops is as important as the way it drives. Driving on bad brakes around Visalia or Clovis CA is dangerous and could put you in the way of serious liability in case of an accident.

Waiting until your brakes fail can result in costly and time-consuming repairs that could be prevented by a simple brake inspection. Especially for finely-tuned, high-performance vehicles, excessive brake wear can be disastrous for your vehicle's performance and handling.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your brakes at predetermined intervals. Jaguar brakes, for example, should be replaced at least every 70,000 miles, according to the company. However, automotive experts recommend taking a more proactive approach to your brakes. They suggest making a brake inspection as part of your normal vehicle maintenance.

Although brake inspections can be a bit more complex than, say, an oil change, it is worth taking a few minutes to make sure your brakes are in good shape.

What Is Involved in a Brake Inspection?

Generally, brake inspections involve checking your brake system and components. These may include:

  • Brake hoses, to identify clogging or cracking
  • Cylinders, to make sure wheel and master cylinders are operating properly
  • Rotors (or Drums), to discover whether they need to be resurfaced or replaced
  • Brake Fluid, to check levels and identify signs of leaks
  • Brake Parts, to determine brake pad thickness
  • Brake Hardware, to address wear and tear that may cause a larger failure

Signs of Brake Problems

Between maintenance sessions, you should address any brake problems you notice while you are driving around Madera or Kerman. These may include:

  • A brake pedal that operates loosely or depresses all the way to the floor
  • Taking longer distances to make customary stops
  • A vehicle pulling to one direction or another under braking
  • Unusual brake noises of any type
  • Unusual vibrations under braking
  • Brake warning lights on your dashboard

We at Haron Jaguar are pleased to offer free brake inspections to our neighbors in Fresno CA. If you experience any of these items or suspect you may have brake issues, please contact us at right away.

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