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You can compromise, or you can pre-order the Jaguar of your dreamsĀ 

Jaguar is known as a brand that's been putting a rare level of vitality into driving for decades. When you get behind the wheel of a Jaguar, you're tapping into a heritage that continues to energize drivers every day around Visalia and Clovis, CA. But because of automotive supply shortages that have reverberated throughout the world, you might not find the Jaguar you want in our new vehicle inventory. That's where our pre-order process comes in.

Some key reasons to pre-order your new Jaguar

When you work with us to develop a list of all your ideal Jaguar characteristics, you'll be pre-ordering a new Jaguar directly from the factory. Instead of compromising on a vehicle that's only "pretty close" to what you want, you can get exactly the Jaguar you have in mind. You can choose everything from exterior colors to the ideal technology you prefere. You can equip your new Jaguar to your exact specifications instead of settling for something that's merely close.

To get the process started, just fill in a few blanks

If you're starting with a completely blank page, you can get the process started right here with our special pre-order form. Fill out the basic information and we will be in touch to follow up with you. If you'd like to know a little bit more before you take the first step, here are some common FAQ's we frequently hear.

How long does it take to get my custom-ordered Jaguar?

In most cases, a custom ordered Jaguar vehicle can take anywhere from three to six months to arrive here so you can drive it to your home in Madera or Modesto CA. The time frame for your custom order to reach our dealership can vary based on the model you choose and where your Jaguar will be assembled. Our team will provide updates throughout the build process so you can feel informed about how your custom Jaguar is coming along.

Doesn't pre-ordering a Jaguar cost a lot more?

It might be surprising but you can pre-order your ideal Jaguar at exactly the same cost as if it were sitting on our lot. In fact, in some cases it might even cost less because you will be able to avoid paying for optional extras you don't want. A member of our sales or finance team can answer any questions you might have but you'll negotiate the final price of your Jaguar with us just like you would with any other new Jaguar.

What kind of a deposit is required before I place a pre-order?

As with any business relationship, we do require a small deposit to put your name on the Jaguar you're placing a pre-order for. That usually amounts to about 5% of the total custom order amount. The deposit you make will be applied toward the final net price of the vehicle. If your plan is to finance or lease 100% of the vehicle, the correct amount of the deposit will be returned to you once your contract is signed and you take delivery of the vehicle.

Will my pre-ordered Jaguar be eligible for special rebates or lease incentives?

Yes, the price of your new Jaguar can be reduced with the help of whatever rebates or incentives are available at the time you place your order. In addition, our finance team can help you get the best available loan rates or Jaguar lease payments to make your new car as affordable as possible. Feel free to reach out to us directly with any other questions you have and let's get started with a pre-order for the Jaguar of your dreams at Haron Jaguar in Fresno CA.

Tell Us Which Jaguar Model to Order for You

Don't settle for your second choice; your Fresno Jaguar dealership won't allow it. If your first pick isn't at Haron Jaguar, we'll get it for you. Let us know your preferred Jaguar model and trim package, and we'll order it straight from the British multinational car manufacturer. There's no extra work on your end. Take a minute to complete the form and submit it online today. We'll respond shortly to confirm the details before finalizing the request. Do you want to commute to work in an all-electric Jaguar I-PACE? Would you like to impress all your friends in the sporty Jaguar F-TYPE? Whatever your automotive dream is, you can achieve it at Haron Jaguar in Fresno, CA. All you need to do is place your order. It doesn't matter if the car or SUV isn't at 2222 Ventura Street. We will get it here. Just leave it to us.

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